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To be honest I don't really like the overall structure of the game. Because while it looks like a "series" game, in essence it's more of a different component of a game, released in stages.

Why do I say this, because in a series of games, each game should have a separate output and consumption of the general resources in the game, rather than a certain parent game generating core resources, all other sub-games use these resources to let them generate use value.

At present, their design is no different from including some entertaining small games in a large game. It’s like you own a horse, which is mainly used in the game to ride it to increase its attributes to fight. Then you see the racecourse when you walk, so you send it out to race. It doesn't make much sense! More mini-games will only create more use-value for different horses, but it won't keep the currency in circulation and demand.

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